DataCamp exercises (Week 9)


On Datacamp, watch the tutorial videos and complete the interactive coding challenges from the following lessons, which will let you practice and supplement this week’s content.


Your progress through these lessons is being tracked and completing them counts towards the Module exercises category of your grade.

From Working with data in the Tidyverse (Due: Oct-29)

You will be completing the full course, Working with data in the Tidyverse, over the next two weeks. Chapter 3 of the course, “Tidy your data”, provides you with practice using the tidyr package. However, the lessons in chapter 3 assume you’re familiar with the content in chapters 1 and 2, so it’s best to complete those first.

  • Explore your data

  • Tame your data

From Working with data in the Tidyverse (Due: Nov-05)

These are the module exercises for week 10. If you complete the first two chapters and want to get started on chapters 3 and 4 now, you may do so.

  • Tidy your data

  • Transform your data